50 subscriber contest

ok so i have 45 subscribers but i am close enough. so this contest has 3 catagories:

1. trivia each day i will pm you a question and you awnser but it has to be awnsered the day i sent the pm

2. remixes take my mashups and mash them with something else or soundfront it. the video has to be at least 30 seconds, if a mashup it must have my mashup and 2 more songs and if it is a soundfront it must be one of the following





pokemon dp

pokemon hgss

mario kart ds

new super mario bros

pokemon bw


sonic 4

3. artwork

you must be on deviantart to do this, upload 3 pics and i pick your best

whoever wins in the respective catagory moves to a top secret round. for winning there will be prizes which i will post later.

By tepig

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