the arena – sonic vs spyro

today we pit sonic, a blue hedgehog that can run at super speeds and spyro a dragon who can, well do anything dragons can. we are going to analyze what moves each fighter can use in this fights battlefield

our battlefield: hydrocity zone

1. history

sonic – sonic is a hedgehog from christmas island who fights robotnik to save his friends. at a young age robotnik sent him through time where him and his future self saved the world and since then sonic has continued to do so many times.

spyro – spyro hails from the dragon realms and before he was born he was stolen, but his friends got him back

2. attacks

sonic – as we know by his name sonic can run at the speed of sound. he can also use his spines to break solid steel like eggmans robots.

spin dash: the spin dash is a move where sonic curls up and takes off at high speeds cutting through all obstacles in  his way. sonic can also use it to move around sharp turns and avoid crashing

homing attack : with the homing attack sonic can hurl himself at his opponent and also objects like bars and springs

boost: the boost is a move where sonic charges forward destroying everything in his path. the only flaw with this move is that sonic needs to either collect rings or do a bunch of attacks or tricks

spyro – as a dragon spyro can breath fire and fly

horns: spyro can use his horns to break anything and can charge at his foes

thunder boost: the thunder boost allows spyro to boost just like sonic but unlike sonic the thunder boost does not run on energy so he can run much longer

swimming: here we have a weakness of sonic, sonic cannot swim. however with his horns spyro can swim and use this againest sonic

3. weapons


bubble shield: the bubble shield can allow sonic to stay underwater forever even though he still can swim. however the bubble shield allows him to bouce around both under and above water

yellow wisp: the yellow wisp turns sonic into a drill for a limited amount of time. as the drill sonic can now swim underwater at ease and can stay under until the drill power runs out


bombs: yup

ice breath: the ice breath allows spryo to turn his enimies in to solid ice

4. allies


tails: tails is sonics sidekick who can use his 2 tails to fly and carry sonic. he can also swim

knuckles: knuckles is an echidna who can punch through anything and he can swim

amy: amy can’t swim but she can use he hammer to flatten spyro


sparx: sparx allows spyro to know when he is hurt by changing color when spyro takes a hit

crash bandicoot: crash can spin to destroy objects

gill grunt: this skylander can swim along with owning a water gun and harpoon


1. sonic. sonics history trained him for what would come in the future

2 . spyro because he can swim with clearly beats sonic

3. sonic this time because his 2 items allow him to swim better allowing him to beat spyro easily

4. sonic again because sonic could do without them but spyro would not know when to give up and would end up dead

the winner is sonic

By tepig

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